Act Now: Stop Attempts to Cut Medicaid

Health care access for Missouri's most vulnerable citizens is in jeopardy.

Take action now to stop the AHCA, the BRCA, and any cuts to Medicaid. Call your Senator toll free at: 1-844-857-2173

Share your concerns and stories with your Senator's staff. Ask for their Health Legislative Assistant - keep calling, sharing, and asking questions!

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Missourians' access to health care is at risk.

President Trump, Congress, and Missouri elected officials have all taken action to make drastic changes to health care that could result in millions of Americans losing access. Congress is working to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a clear plan for replacing it. President Trump has signed an Executive Order intended to weaken the Affordable Care Act. And the Missouri General Assembly is trying to pass a bill that would cause devastating budget cuts to Medicaid.

Missourians need our elected officials to make health care BETTER, and keep the programs and protections that are helping people now.

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If our elected officials are serious about improving health care, they cannot cut Missourians off from the care we have. Instead, they should find bipartisan solutions to real problems, such as:

  • Unaffordable premiums and deductibles
  • Health insurance for the 300,000 Missourians who are uninsured
  • Insurance plans that don’t cover enough doctors
  • Lack of providers in rural communities
  • Poor access to transportation

President Trump has said that repealing the Affordable Care Act is one of the first things he wants to do - we must get to work right away to keep the health care we have.

Here is what is at stake:

Since the Affordable Care Act took effect, more Americans have health insurance than ever before. If the Affordable Care Act is repealed without a sufficient replacement:

  • 30 million people lose their health insurance
  • 130 million people with pre-existing conditions are at risk of losing their insurance
  • Women could be charged more for insurance
  • Young adults can be kicked off their parents’ health insurance plans
  • Every person with insurance could lose access to no-cost, life-saving preventive services like mammograms and cholesterol screenings

Dangerous proposed changes to Medicaid and Medicare:

  • Medicaid could become a “block grant” program. This means there might not be enough money for people who receive Medicaid to get the care they need.
  • Medicare could be “privatized,” making it much more expensive – and unaffordable for millions of seniors.

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