In Republican States Like Missouri, Medicaid Expansion Still Faces Stiff Opposition

More than 2.5 million Americans who would have been covered by Medicaid expansion were left uninsured in the 19 mostly-Republican states that rejected to expand their program. Now, following the GOP’s failure to repeal the ACA, some states are revisiting the decision.

The governors of Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia have each said they are open to exploring the idea of Medicaid expansion. Maine will have a referendum on expansion on the fall ballot.

In Kansas, the legislature voted to expand Medicaid last month. When the state’s Republican Governor vetoed the legislation, lawmakers were not able to come up with the necessary amount of votes for an override.

In Missouri, opposition still remains strong. Last week, the Missouri House voted down a proposal to expand Medicaid.

Missouri state Representative Scott Fitzpatrick, who chairs the Missouri House Budget Committee said expanding the program would make the budget crisis in Missouri worse, even with the federal funds for expansion. He also said there is still a chance the U.S. Congress will try again to pass a bill repealing the ACA.

“I don’t think this is the session in which we’re going to make knee-jerk reactions about expanding Medicaid,” he said.

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