Post-Dispatch: Medicaid block grants put Missouri at risk

A spokesman for Gov. Greitens recently said the increase in Medicaid costs was due to higher caseloads, which, according to the spokesman, increased because of Obamacare. The author of this St. Louis Post-Dispatch article is skeptical of that statement, and says many of the new cases that came about in recent years were children who learned they were eligible for health insurance went on the CHIP program. She adds that children actually account for the some of the lowest spending in Medicaid.

And while some legislators are touting a Medicaid block grant as the solution to the spending increase, this article points out that block grants limit the money Missouri can get from the Federal government for Medicaid care. That means that in a recession, when more people become eligible for Medicaid due to job loss, a block grant puts Missouri at risk for higher Medicaid spending overall, with no increase in federal money to help alleviate the higher spending. In that case, Missouri will be left to cover all of the expenses.