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Tell Congress: No Repeal without Replace!

On their first day back in Washington, Congressional leaders filed bills to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), with no plan for an adequate replacement.

If they succeed, 30 million Americans will lose their health insurance, people with pre-existing conditions will be back at the mercy of health insurance companies, and young adults could be kicked off their parents’ insurance plans. In fact, repealing the ACA without replacing it could throw much of our health care system into chaos.

John has lived in Carthage, Missouri for his entire life. He has worked since he was 15 years old. At a young age he was employed by one of Carthage’s main manufacturers. Thanks to the skills he learned while at the factory and his own hard work, John was able to start his own business thirty years ago. John gets his health care coverage through the Marketplace. In his words, “I now have peace of mind. I won’t have to lose my home to pay for medical bills if I was to get sick.” John says, “I’m still strong, just not as young as I once was.”

John, Jasper County

Maricela is a full-time mother. Her husband is not offered insurance through his employer, so she and her two children are covered by Medicaid. However, all of the doctors in her network are in Neosho, which is 25 miles from the family’s home. Maricela and her husband have a single car that they share. The distance makes it really hard for Maricela to get her children to their doctor’s appointments. If health care provider networks were more adequate in Missouri, Maricela might not have to travel as far to receive care.

Maricela, McDonald County