The Affordable Care Act was flawed from the start in Missouri, but still insured thousands

This article from the Columbia Missourian has information about the potential House health care proposal, along with reactions from Missourians. People are concerned about losing the ACA’s protection against denial due to a preexisting condition and the coverage of adult children up to age 26. One Missourian comments on Health Savings Accounts, a big part of the new proposal, saying “The health savings account is of no value to us. You have to have money to put into it. So, telling people you can save money — you can’t tell that to the average family. I was a single parent with three children. I couldn’t have put anything aside. I had to make sure I could pay the bills, not save money. So I think that’s ludicrous.”

The article also discusses the coverage gap, which has been a prevailing issue in Missouri, a state that decided not to expand Medicaid to cover all people living below the federal poverty line. Finally, Medicaid funding is discussed, with the experts telling us that health care costs always have risen faster than inflation.