What Trump Can Do Without Congress to Dismantle Obamacare

While the House Leadership bill collapsed on the floor almost a month ago and no agreement to amend the bill were reached since then, President Trump does have the authority to modify some provisions of the health law without Congress.  Many of these provisions are ones House Republicans sought to change or repeal.  For instance, the President cannot eliminate the individual mandate, but he has weakened its enforcement by allowing the IRS to accept tax returns that do not say whether a filer has been uninsured.  Another thing the President could do is eliminate subsidies and co-payments for marketplaces by stopping the appeal of a lawsuit against these subsidy payments.  Similarly, the President could reduce tax credits for premiums.  As to Medicaid Expansion, the House Republicans tried to cut funding and prevent expansion in states that had not done so, the President could not unilaterally do this himself.  However, he could allow states to impose work requirements or premiums for more Medicaid beneficiaries.

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